Where to find Bid/Tender opportunities…

Where to find Bid/Tender opportunities…

Across the UK public sector organisations run approximately 1,400 individual tender portals which causes a little confusion about where to find bid and tender opportunities!

Public Sector contracts offer a huge opportunity to UK businesses with over £65 Billion worth of contracts advertised each year in the UK. With Government targets to hit, public sector organisations have to ensure that £21.3 Billion of that is awarded to SMEs each year- there is a very real opportunity for aspirational Entrepreneurs.

Hopefully we can provide a little clarity, many of the opportunities are listed on numerous tender portals. We have listed the key portals below which cover the majority of public sector tenders. Just hit the highlighted links below and explore a world of opportunity…

Contracts Finder– typically contains around 80% of Local Authority opportunities across England with an inconsistent range of opportunities from Housing Associations, NHS etc. it can be useful to find contract award notifications and contract renewal dates.

Pro contract due north is a great resource. Over 400 different portals across England were consolidated in to one tender portal covering Local Authorities, Some Housing Associations, some NHS trusts and an assortment of other organisation

Wales and Scotland have made things a little easier. The two Welsh portals- etender Wales and sell2wales should cover every public sector opportunity and Public Contracts Scotland covers every opportunity all in one portal.

TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is where you will find OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) notifications. This is a list of all high value public contracts from across Europe. Once an opportunity reaches a certain value/threshold (which varies by sector) the opportunity must be advertised in the journal.

Two other key resources are the portals which advertise MoD Contracts although they are quite strict on who can sign up and what you can view with a lot of their opportunities quite sensitive in nature. The emergency services portal- Blue Light is also a useful resource.

We couldn’t include everything but this a good selection. If you have a particular sector or type of organisation that you are targeting get in touch and we are happy to point you in the right direction to find suitable opportunities. If you do find what seems to be the right opportunity why not read our blog which provides practical tips to help you pursue the best opportunities- Picking the perfect tender

Thanks for reading and thing else you would like us to cover just let us know.

Best of luck finding your own bid and tender opportunities!


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