Using Case Studies and Examples Within Tenders for the Education Sector

The Education and Training sector is a competitive industry and providers must therefore show within their tender submission that they consistently delivery high quality training.

Case studies are a vital tool within a tender submission, they show the buyer how you have delivered in the past and provide evidence for statements made on delivery experience. The importance of showing buyers what you HAVE done, as well as what you WILL do must not be overshadowed by delivery plans; case studies and examples are needed. Case studies provide firm evidence of how you have delivered on contract specifications and requirements, and provide buyers with an overview of how you have previously delivered high quality training. To further consolidate the credibility of the case study, contact previous buyers and include client testimonials within the submission. This will provide the buyer with a further in depth understanding of how you delivered and the success of delivery from the procurers point of view.

Case studies are an important method of evidencing how you will deliver high quality training/teaching; but only if they are relevant case studies! It is often too tempting to use every example and every success story and put in the tender submission, saying to the buyer;

‘’look what we can do!!’’

However, using case studies which are not relevant is, well, not relevant! The Education and Training sector is competitive and host to a variety of high quality providers and therefore within the procurement process you should be showing the buyer your highlights and successful deliveries. But only the ones which are related to the current tender and what the buyer is actually asking for.

When writing a bid you should be working inline with the specification which details the buyers requirements, and tailoring your proposed delivery methods and relevant experience to this. Adapting case study content to the requirements of the procurer within the Education and Training sector is essential in order to show how you have previously delivered training/education services which is relevant to the current contract. Focusing on what the buyer needs and how your experience fits in with this can be the difference between a tender which complies and a tender submission that goes above and beyond. Always use a case study example which is of a similar nature and scope to the contract that you’re bidding for.

Use examples which are related to the needs of the buyer. Within these case study examples make it clear for the buyer how you delivered against the requirements of the procurer, team members involved, problems overcome and the end result. Through providing a clear and concise case study example you can show the buyer how you went through the delivery stages and the end result. Within these examples include statistics- if you received a 100% satisfaction rating from learners then let the buyer know! Celebrate the successes of the contract, but do so in a constructive way which is relevant to the contract that you’re bidding for.

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