The importance of ISO Certification in Facilities Management

In no simpler terms, we believe that if you want to be successful in public sector tendering for facilities management contracts you need to have your ISO certifications in place.

It used to be that ISO certifications could actually be what sets your organisation apart from your competitors and could be leveraged suitably as part of your win theme to help you win places on frameworks or contracts in their own right. Nowadays they are more of a pre-requisite to even be successful at the PQQ/SQ stage of the procurement process.

Its important to note that they are not always ‘must haves’ but if you don’t have them in place the additional hoops you have to jump through can be particularly onerous, and ultimately hugely time consuming. The same can be said for SSIP and the health and safety section of a PAS91-esque questionnaire. Even as professional bid writers, having to complete this section in full if you don’t have the necessary certification (SSIP or ISO45001) is not an enjoyable task – and we love writing tenders!

So what are the ISOs that you need to have to be competitive in the FM public sector? Well there is of course the standard ‘big 3’ which cover your Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety arrangements.

These are:

  • ISO9001:2015 for Quality Management (previously ISO9001:2008)
  • ISO14001:2015 for Environmental Management (previously ISO14001:2004) – see also ISO 14005:2019!
  • ISO45001:2018 for Management of Health and Safety (also as previously stated, you can have other SSIP certifications to help in this area)

But there are others that are becoming more and more prevalent and will help set you apart from other contractors that already have the above SHEQ certifications. Examples of these include 22301 for Business Continuity, and 50001 which is for Energy Management.

Leveraging ISO for PQQ and Tender writing...

Back in days of old, you could buy an ISO cert and management system ‘off the shelf’ and these would have serious clout. Now however, we recommend you get a proper, bespoke integrated management system that truly reflects your FM practises and have it certified to the 9001, 14001, and 45001 standards. If you use this system properly, and as it was designed to do, you will end up with a wealth of information relating to performance and business improvements which in turn will have a massively positive impact on your written tender submission.

Use your ISO certified systems to drive improvement, document it, and use it as evidence of your organisations ability to continually improve quality and achieve efficiencies. This is what authorities want to see in your tender returns and your ISO can still be a key part of a successful procurement process.

We can help you leverage your systems and find the devilish detail we know is needed to score highly when writing a facilities management tender. If you are struggling to score highly then please do contact us today so we can help you be more successful.