The biggest opportunity in the world EVER!

£2.5 trillion… (yes TRILLION with a TR not an M or a B) worth of contract opportunities will be made available to suppliers across the UK and Europe over the next 12 months.

This covers quite literally everything and anything that you can imagine from supply of pencils, consultancy, audits, chairs, ceiling tiles, maintenance, vehicles, waste collection, construction and so much more. Whatever you do or supply somewhere a public sector organisation will be buying it.

Question-So how do they buy it?

Answer-Tenders, Bids, PQQ, ITT, RFQ whatever you want to call it- its procurement.

From the biggest companies in the world through to the one man micro business around the corner, companies all over the world are winning long term contracts with public sector organisations- councils, hospitals, schools, housing associations, police and fire departments and sooooo much more.

We practice what we preach. We bid for and win contracts just like we support our customers to (yes we have bid and won contracts to be approved bid writers- weird I know). We shout about the £2.7 Billion worth of contracts that we have won in the last 3 years but in reality, this is a drop in the £2.5 Trillion ocean of opportunities that is out there and up for grabs.

LETS GO GET IT. Who’s with me?

Tim Ward

07877 700701