On yer bike! Best Bids for Bikeability Training.

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On yer bike! Best Bids for Bikeability Training

Its all about process and the proof is in the pudding.

When writing about contract notices we usually stick to the big four industries we usually work on for our wide range of clients, these being Construction, Health and Social Care, Education and Training, and Facilities Management.

However, lets not forget that the award winning bid process we have developed can actually be applied to (just about) any bid, public or private sector. We have worked on a huge range of weird and wonderful bids over the years, from the provision of a workboat through to slurry sealing of footways. Regardless of who we are working with and what we are tendering for and who we are bidding into, the process we adopt is always going to be the same.

That’s because it works. We know we write winning tenders. It doesn’t matter what tender you are struggling with, I guarantee you we can add value to the process.

Which brings me nicely around to this tender opportunity which has been published today! Portsmouth City Council is looking for a single supplier to provide Bikeability training to all primary and secondary schools within its boundaries. This includes levels 1, 2, and 3 training and there will be at least 550 training spaces required in the first year alone.

This is a five-year contract, and the council has put an estimated value of £300,000 over this time. That’s a lot of cycle training!

Price is not the only evaluation criteria, so of course there is going to be a quality submission which needs to be completed to the very best standard. You will be likely competing against all other Bikeability registered providers for this contract, and as it is a single supplier contract, rather than a DPS or framework, the winner takes it all!

Health and safety and risk management will be paramount to evidence within your submission. This contract is for all schools, including SEN schools so if you have any evidence of experience in this area, make sure you evidence this properly where you can in your quality submission. If this contract is too important to miss out on, you may feel that you could even simply benefit from our Guide and Review service to make sure that you are interpreting each question correctly, and that your final draft is: free from error, is compliant with their requirements, and is going to be scoring top marks.

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