Finding the perfect Health and Social Care opportunity

The UK has 1600 major tender portals with hundreds of opportunities being released every day. These are free to access for all individuals or organisations and can lead to significant growth. Undoubtedly, due to the volume of opportunities released, there will be some perfectly-suited opportunities which slip through the net, into the hands of competitors. Before you can establish yourself as an organisation with a successful and efficient way of meeting procurer requirements, you must be able to identify opportunities which will allow you to do this. The question is how can you identify the perfect opportunity when you see it, and how can you make sure you can track these opportunities as they are released?

The majority of tender portals allow you to filter results, as a minimum, based on the release date and the sector. By filtering the results, you will be able to see new tender opportunities released every day. Within contract notices you will be able to see a description of the requirements and this will give a good indication as to whether the opportunity complements your organisation. Identifying a good opportunity if the first step in the bid/no bid decision, although the problem is that you may not have the resources and/or time to monitor releases across the 1600 portals in the UK.

Some tender portals are more user-friendly than others and allow for efficient tracking. TED, for example, uses CPV codes which allow you to filter results by sector, country and type of document (the CPV code for Health and Social Care is 85000000 and this can be further refined to health services, social work and related services, health and social work services and veterinary services). From this you will be able to access all information including contract value, deadline, lot structures etc.

We have an Opportunity Tracking service in which, on a daily basis, we monitor all 1600 portals, identify and assess any relevant opportunities and create an outline of the opportunity for you to see. For support in tracking opportunities, contact our team of expert bid writers. The image below shows how the information can be presented.