Facilities Management

The UKs Facilities Management Market is now valued in excess of £120b, and according to the British Institute of Facilities Management is responsible for up to 8% of our GDP and employs near to 10% of our entire nation’s workforce. That means there is huge amount of tender activity being conducted throughout the UK every single day. In fact, on a global scale the market is worth over 1 Trillion Dollars!

Facilities Management generally refers to the services required to keep building of all shapes and sizes operating efficiently and effectively and covers everything from heating and ventilation system design and installation through to cleaning, grounds maintenance and winter gritting. The sector is generally split into two areas: hard and soft facilities management.

Example hard facilities management services include: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, Lighting, electrical, asbestos, CCTV and door entry/security systems. Contracts are typically split into design and installation and then planned and reactive maintenance contract.

Examples of soft facilities management services include: catering, manned guarding, cleaning (inc. windows), painting and decorating, events management, grounds maintenance, winter gritting, pest control and waste management.

This is a particularly competitive sector, even more so now that organisations are using consortiums to leverage collective buying power and tender contracts for Total FM services. This coupled with the constantly improving quality of bids being returned means that it is more important than ever before to use the services of a professional bid writing consultancy who specialises in successful facilities management tender submissions.

It is not good enough to simply be able to deliver a high quality service at a competitive cost anymore. You need someone who is going to be able to leverage your strengths and ensure that added value, social value and other key subjects are emphasised as part of your narrative responses. Social value is particularly key in this arena, and we are experts at ensuring your tender submissions aligns with Housing Association/ NHS/ Councils Social Value Charters and much more as part of your return.

We have an industry leading success rate of 94%, offer complete exclusivity to our clients for specific services and localities throughout the UK, and importantly, will never take on a project where we do not feel we can win the contract for our client. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you grow your Facilities Management business.