Education and Training

The Education and Training sector within the UK hosts a wealth of opportunities for providers to bid for contracts to deliver education and training services both in person and through the use of online materials- providing learners with access to classroom and remote learning. The last 5 years within the industry has been characterised by a major skills shortage as a result of large government cutbacks, coinciding with a high level of demand for vocational and technical training.

The Education and Training sector hosts a high number of opportunities due to the range of education and training industries that the sector covers. Since our formation in 2013 we have worked with clients to help them secure high level contracts within the industry and over this period we have developed an in depth understanding of the Education and Training sector and how to approach the procurement process within the sector to achieve successful, high marking tenders. Our approach so far has been successful as a result of our team’s experience and understanding of the sector; we have a 94% bidding success rate. 

According to IBISWorld, the sector is made up of 6 industries;

Driving Schools

General Secondary Education

Pre-Primary Education

Primary Education

Technical and Vocational Education


There are a huge number of opportunities across these sectors which are accessible for a varying range of companies of different sizes. The Education and Training sector offers opportunities covering all aspects of the sector, from delivering apprenticeships for a local council, to providing health and safety training for NHS Trusts and for the supply of pencils to a local school or academy group. The opportunities available are so varied that they allow a range of companies across different industries to supply and deliver, from broad training services to more niche products and services.

Within the Technical and Vocational sector, providers deliver courses and apprenticeships at post secondary non-tertiary levels, as due to the Education and Skills Act 2008 students must stay in full time education or undertake an apprenticeship until they are 18. There is therefore a demand for the delivery of apprenticeships and similar training courses to cover this requirement, presenting opportunities for operator’s  within this sector. As a team of experienced bid writers we are able to showcase your skills and experience and tailor your delivery plans to support you in securing a contract and deliver within this sector.

If you have the drive and ability to deliver within this diverse sector, contact us today and we can help you secure your next opportunity.