Asbestos Bidders invited to Bridgewater

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Asbestos Bidders invited to Bridgewater

An interesting opportunity has been published on Friday last week for the removal of asbestos by the Contracting Authority: Homes in Sedgemoor. This authority was set up in April 2007 as an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) and now looks over 4,200 properties on behalf of Sedgemoor District Council. Their housing stock includes sheltered accommodation for residents over the age of 50 or for anything that needs any extra care and support from the council to maintain their independence.

The precise service that Homes in Sedgemoor require is the provision of the abatement encapsulation and/or safe removal/ disposal/ transportation/ consignment of all asbestos and/or asbestos containing materials. These materials could be located in individual dwellings, entire blocks of flats, sheltered housing schemes, garage sites, commercial properties, office buildings and potentially any other properties that are owned or managed by the authority.

Only competent persons employed by competent organisations will be authorised to carry out the works, as per the contract documentation. You will need to evidence that you have suitable systems in place to manage competency and only ever assign the right person to do the work that is required. Value for money is a key aspect when tendering to organisations such as this, so examples of where you have previously saved clients money by identifying opportunities for safe encapsulation rather than removal and disposal is also key.

As there are areas which will be the homes of vulnerable adults, one would also expect some emphasis to be placed on this in the tender specification. I wouldn’t be surprised if all employees will have to have enhanced DBS clearances and that you will be able to provide these to the authority prior to any works commencement. Safe systems of work will also be imperative to ensure all risks are minimised, not just for members of staff but also the residents and members of public who will be accessing these buildings.

Both Tim and John in our bid team have worked extensively in the asbestos industry, and know exactly what is required to make a winning tender submission. From Hexham to Wrexham and beyond they have won numerous key construction contracts to help our clients secure sustainable growth. If this sounds like something you may be interested in us helping you to win, feel free to contact us today.