Heating and Renewables Framework

Heating and Renewables Framework

An opportunity has recently been published by Fusion21 who are developing a Heating and Renewables Framework. Fusion21 is an exciting organisation who represent a huge number of social housing organisations and local authorities to help them gain greater purchasing power, value for money and environmental/social benefits through their procurement activities.

This framework is worth a staggering £500 million over 4 years, and will be used by potentially all members of the Fusion21 Members Consortium throughout the UK. The framework is to be split into 10 different lots or disciplines ranging from

  • domestic service/maintenance and heating installations,
  • commercial service/maintenance and heating installations,
  • large scale Department for Education heating programmes,
  • QA and Asset Management, Project Management,
  • Air/ground source, electric or solar heating system heating installation

Heating systems will include gas, LPG, oil, solid fuel, electric and renewable technologies, with commercial opportunities also including HVAC, district heating systems, heat interface units.

Important items to consider with this opportunity is that Fusion21 are keen to support and promote the reduction of energy use throughout the contract term, which will mean the introduction of greener energy usage and plant/equipment which will have significantly lower Whole Life Costs when compared to existing infrastructure.

As expert bid writers in this sector we can help emphasis value for money and reduced carbon emissions of your service offering when helping you complete your quality submissions.

Fusion21 are very proud of their social value services and that they can evidence that every pound spent through their procurement management service helps to make a real difference to the local communities where they work.

We are highly experienced in responding to, and accentuating, social value when completing our client’s tender returns. We have been incorporating the elements of the Social Value Act (2012) into our quality submissions for many years and can even help our clients introduce new ways of realising Social, Economic, or Environmental benefits into their service offering – helping differentiate them further from their competition and maximising their chances of significant growth and development through successful contract award.

If you are interested in this opportunity, and would like our help to get onto this new framework opportunity, contact us today!

The Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014

The continual rise of Health and Social Care tender opportunities reflect the increasing needs of the UK to address endemic issues such as its ageing population, reduction in adult social care spending and the overarching mismatch between demand for services and funding. The government is investing billions of pounds in this sector on a yearly basis, even as Brexit threatens to disrupt our economy. Over 40 contract notices for this sector are released daily on TED alone.

The Care Act 2014 focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of individuals by holding local authorities accountable for providing services to reduce the need for care in the short and long term. It requires these authorities to help develop a market delivering a range of high-quality support services, made available to communities. The Care Act has become one of the most important pieces of procurement legislation recently, in that it provides bidders with an excellent opportunity to become a genuine partner in the delivery of social care.

Slough Council are a fantastic example of how Councils are focusing on improving the Health and Social Care sector since the introduction of the Care Act 2014. They have started to focus on how suppliers can add value, which is embedded into the specifications they develop. Contracts are also being reviewed to reflect the value of the Care Act 2014 and they have tendered multi-million-pound contracts within a one-page specification.

A contract has recently been released by the City of Edinburgh Council for the provision of accommodation with support for individuals suffering from complex mental health issues. The value of this contract is £258,838 over 3 Lots. This Council, just like many others, are keen to know how suppliers will be able to add value relating to the Social Care Act 2014.

We have been in the bid writing industry for the last 6 years, securing contracts and framework positions in the Health and Social Care sector. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you feel unsure about your ability to write winning bids in this sector, we will use our vast experience and resources to make sure you continue your growth.

Construction’s Biggest Opportunity

Construction’s Biggest Opportunity

Whilst times may be turbulent in the economy with ongoing uncertainty politically there remains ongoing investment in particular areas of the construction industry.

Commercially backed projects may be stalling but public sector developments and in particular housing association works are still very much a huge and growing opportunity.

On a weekly basis Frameworks and DPS opportunities are coming up supporting large scale upgrade works. This includes new builds, voids work and upgrade works covering everything and anything you can imagine.  As a graduate Architect experiencing the height of the industry followed the crash of 2008 I saw so many companies struggle through a lack of diversification in their work portfolio. There is no better time to secure long term stability than now through diversify particularly in to sectors which are immune to the impact of economic instability.

One huge opportunity right now is:

43 London Local Authorities are planning large scale construction works ongoing over the next 12 years transforming the quality of housing stock across the City.

Value £2 Billion

Duration 12 years

This covers all aspects of construction work imaginable with the opportunity open to suppliers of all sizes subject to satisfying the tender requirements.

But the opportunities are not restricted to London alone. Since the demise of Carillion and the ongoing instability with some of the larger players in the industry now is the perfect time for SMEs to capitalise on the opportunity to secure direct contracts rather than being a small cog in the huge supply chain of a big contractor.

Additionally, work on public buildings will carry on regardless. For examples a 48 month framework for the following was released just this morning:

Value £500 million

Duration 4 years

The full provision of heating works across public sector estates, the scope of the framework also includes heating related renewable technologies. This procurement exercise is inviting tenders from all interested companies who meet the criteria set out in the tender documentation for the lots they wish to bid for. The framework is broken down over 10 separate lots which include:

1) Domestic Servicing, Maintenance and Installation of Heating Systems;

2) Domestic Heating Installations;

3) Commercial Servicing, Maintenance and Installation of Heating Systems;

4) Commercial Heating Installations;

5) Quality Assurance and Asset Management Consultancy;

6) Principal Design and Project Management Consultancy;

7) Installation of Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps;

8) Installation of Solar Heating Systems;

9) Installation of Electric Heating Systems; and

10) Department for Education/Education Heating Programmes.

I lead a team of experienced bid writers drawing upon my industry experience and knowledge to support organisation to secure the long term contracts they deserve. Over the last 6 years we have secured direct contracts and framework positions in al corners of the industry nationally and internationally with Billion of pounds worth of work won. If you think now is a good time to diversify and secure long term contracts why not get in touch and see how we can help.

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