New year, new job…

New year, new job…

For many a new year signals a significant milestone, a fresh start where promises are made which are often long forgotten by mid-January as Gyms go back to being empty and the Tesco special of 24 Mars bars for £3 again becomes irresistible. Well we don’t like that approach one bit!

Your life is the most valuable thing you have, and I am disappointed every day to hear people moaning and complaining about their jobs. Did you know that 70% of the UK population are unhappy with their jobs with over 20% stating that they despise their jobs. Wow! So statistically speaking 7 of every 10 readers of this blog are unhappy with their job situation (unless we only attract happy readers) and even if you are happy maybe you know someone who needs to get their backside in to gear and apply for a happy role in a positive work environment at Bid and Research Development. We are actively seeking the greatest human beings available.

We want winners-

Winners Win and Losers Lose

that’s a fact! we offer you the opportunity to change lives and bath in the glory that is multi million-pound contract wins providing our clients with security and income, keeping people in jobs and making a real difference. It really is a wonderful thing.

We have three roles up for grabs based in Teesside:

  • Junior Bid Writer– an entry level position, ideal for someone who has the raw skills to be an awesome writer- this includes any/all or a combination of attention to detail, business or marketing experience/qualifications, hunger to learn and be an all-round nice person.


  • Bid Writer– perhaps you work as a bid writer or in a related field- Marketing, Procurement, copywriting and you are looking for a diverse and continually challenging (in a good way) new role to push you professionally and personally with the opportunity for real career progression.


  • Senior Bid Writer– you have to be a truly awesome bid writer for this role perhaps you have more bid writing experience, you need to be good with clients (in fact you need to be utterly charming), you will be expected to support the more junior team members but must not rest on you laurels- you need to be a learning machine and add to our existing culture of sharing experiences and continuing to push your knowledge to the next level. If you have the skill set and desire you may also be involved in business development activity.

Pay rates are very competitive with real potential for progression. We have a range of benefits such as flexible working hours, you get your birthday off along with generous holiday allowance and a whole lot more.

Make a life, not just a living - Bid and Research Development

The company is in an exciting phase. we have achieved significant year on year growth. We are officially a scale up business- what does this mean? its a big deal. We have had sustained organisational growth of more than 20% year on year for 3 full financial years. only c.9,000 SMEs in the UK are achieving this from 5.7Million companies. We must be doing something right. Also see our last blog post with a summary of 2017

What next?

I could ramble on all day, but I will leave it here. So now it’s your duty to remember how many people hate their job- is it you? maybe a friend? get in touch to find out a little more. We are always happy to have a chat or a cuppa or maybe you just want to apply. Deadline is 19th January with CVs sent to

Thanks for reading


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Create Your Future- Bid and Research Development


2017-Practical tip and review

2017-Practical tip and review

Lets not beat around the bush. 2017 has been a fantastic year for team Bid and Research and importantly for our customers. The companies we work with have won contracts bid and small nationally and internationally ranging from thousands to Millions. For us that’s what it is all about WINNING. there is absolutely zero fun in just taking part. We are in the business of winning.

2017-Practical tip and review

We have seen the team significantly grow, we have met some great new companies, we have moved to a bigger office and we continue to build with optimism for the future.

The Practical bit…

We all know the phrase

“you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

well this year along with working our backsides off day and night we have really put this in to action investing more time and effort with our non exec and actively sourcing mentoring from those that have been there and done it. This doesn’t mean trying to make friends with every big wig in town. Its as simple as reading books by some of the most successful people in history, watching youtube videos, listening to podcasts, attending conferences and just asking. We have had mentoring sessions with people well out of our league through a bit of flattery and an offer of lunch- “Hi ____, I really admire _____ and the way you _____. It would be great to get your view on our marketing/business/growth plan there a day i could take you for lunch to get your opinion on our plans?” 

It really does work. This year personal development has been off the scale and we have plans to push it even further in 2018.

What has made your year a success and what business challenges do you anticipate in 2018?

2017-Practical tip and review

Have a great festive break and we look forward to supporting even more of you in 2018. Cheers *raises glass*


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James Miller- Digital Marketing Executive

James Miller- Digital Marketing Executive

James is a young and enthusiastic member of the team with bags of talent and potential. James joined the team in 2017 and works with the team to improve our digital presence. He earned a Level 3 in Digital Marketing in 2018 and continues to help grow our brand every day. He eats chicken for every meal and when he isn’t being a digital grandmaster, he’s honing his Jiu Jitsu skills.