How to be LUCKY!

How to be LUCKY!

Luck is a strange thing. A thing which I believe doesn’t really exist. However despite its non existence I plan on telling you how to be lucky… please bare with me it will all make sense soon.

I am sure we have all read or hear on a daily basis examples of luck or someone being described as lucky. But when you think about it, genuine occurrences of luck are about as rare as a blue moon. Most cases considered to be luck are a result of a series of events put together with the aim of achieving an outcome, e.g. a lucky goal (well I assume that they have been trying very hard to make this happen for a prolonged period).

My Mother thinks she is really lucky. She is always winning raffles! It is her belief that she is lucky that makes her buy tickets whenever she sees an opportunity… you see were this is going? Her persistence and belief in her own luck creates the luck. She takes a chance more often than most and it pays off probably as regularly as it would for anyone else with her belief and persistence.

But how and why does this matter? the truth is we create our own luck in all aspects of our life and in business too. So if you take more chances, grab more opportunities, work a little harder at something you can have more ‘luck’ too (which we have established doesn’t really exist). This could be taking a chance and asking a potential client to lunch, going to more networking events and making sure you talk to the most people, ask if you can quote for work, be brave, maybe even buy a raffle ticket*

*note: any lottery wins as a result of reading this blog are obliged to go 50/50 with me right! its only fair.

luck quote 3If we can all just take a few more chances we can all be lucky and please feel free to share with me if this approach provides any unexpected positive results for you.

I own and run a market leading bid writing consultancy which has secured over £2.5 Billion pounds worth of contracts for our customers. This didn’t happen by luck.

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To bid or not to bid…

To bid or not to bid…

To bid or not to bid, never mind the question… read the specification.

Bidding is a big deal, one contract win really can change lives but you have to get it right. As a general rule you can win a contract worth approximately one third of your overall turnover. This minimises the risk to the contracting authority.

If you have 300 customers how long would it take to find another 100 customers? How much time, effort, research, marketing, expense would go in to that? And how difficult is it to maintain 100 customer relationships. With this in mind investing in writing a good quality bid suddenly looks very attractive. You get one large contract with one company and it is guaranteed over a set time period- usually 3 years.

Do your research and chose the right opportunity, can you show a credible track record? do you have the capability and expertise to deliver the contract? Have you got strong references who will support your bid?

If the answer is yes, yes and yes I am sure we can help you find the right opportunity. We can send you summaries of opportunities as they are released free of charge. We take the hassle out of bidding from finding to winning.

We have a market leading 97% bidding success rate with the expertise, and knowledge to support you to make the right decisions for your business.

Get in touch, we are very friendly.

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How to win more bids…

How to win more bids…

The easiest way is not to lose.

This might sound stupid but the best way to improve your chances of winning a bid is by making sure you don’t lose. This month we get back to basics with a few reminders of best practice which lay the foundations for a successful bid.  Even the most successful people in every sector and profession need to refresh the basics from time to time.

Our simple guide on how not to lose

1. Write more than JUST WORDS!

Anyone can write words, anyone can say they can do something but a tender is about giving reassurance and persuading the client that you are a low risk reliable supplier. We often try to work to the following structure:
What have you done? How did you do it? What did it achieve?
It is detailed, to the point, justified, persuasive and real.

2. Answer the question

Stop… do not write anything. You need to answer the question. Before you write anything break the question down, read the specification. What exactly are they looking for. Form a structure for your response which aligns with the question and the specification. Now you are ready to write and this will improve your chances of answering the question but don’t forget point number one… make it more than just words.

3. Read all of the documents

Sometimes a tender will seem excessive. It is often tempting to skim documents or bypass to the questions. You must read everything, from the documentation you will get to know exactly what is needed. In many cases the specification will provide the answers to the question. e.g. Question. How do you xxxxxxx – Specification. When doing xxxxxx you must yyyyyyy.

It comes down to this- if you don’t know exactly what they want. how can you give them what they want.

Also there could be requirements which make the bid unsuitable for you such as TUPE implications or terms of contract that you can’t meet

4. Write in English

You may be a poet but keep that for your personal time. Write in plain English. The submissions are read by real people like me and you not by academics or English teachers. Keep the language simple, easy to read. Our style is quite informal. If you handed your bid to any person on the street could they read it and understand it? Sure there needs to be some technical detail but lets not baffle the marker.

 5. Answer everything

The most common reason for losing a bid is disqualification in a pass/fail section or scoring zero for not completing a section. You must answer everything, don’t ignore awkward question until the end, tackle them first. seek expert advice, ask clarification questions and give yourself the best chance of scoring highly in your weakest areas.

6. Prepare in advance

The standard procurement exercise lasts for a month, don’t wait until the last week. put together a plan with key milestones for measuring progress towards completion. A bid is never finished, it could be revised and refined forever. Give yourself the time you need to review fully to research competitors, to understand the market place. Bid opportunities are generally high value and long terms contracts, give them the respect they deserve. If a client walked in to your office and offered you the same opportunity how much time commitment and dedication would you give them. A tender is no different, it is often an opportunity for significant growth.

7. Don’t just have a punt

Companies regularly tell me that they just threw something together the day before or asked the admin apprentice to fill it in. This is not a winning approach- unless you are very lucky or have a great apprentice. The majority of the worlds largest companies are built upon bidding for work in almost every sector, they invest millions in the bid writing process. If you are serious about growing your business you should be serious about bidding.

We could go on and on…

If your ambitious and keen on winning get in touch and we will be happy to work with you.

Thanks for reading

Tim Ward– Managing Director

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Bid writing wars… Structure V Content

Bid writing wars… Structure V Content

What is the winning formula?

A common mistake that many people make is to dive right in to bid writing straight away.

As tempting as it is when you have a head full of ideas you must hold back.

Developing a structure for the response is equally as important as the content within the submission. A narrative response question can easily be broken down in to a number of bite size headings. One question can often be broken down in to 5 key points. Where the response is worth five points this is an ideal situation as you can easily work out where the marks are coming from increasing your chances of scoring highly.

This approach helps you to write to the marking criteria rather than just writing what you think is suitable. It is also a great way to provide a simple easy to follow structure for making sure you cover everything that is asked for in the question. Without structure it is easy to go off on a tangent, this may be interesting but will not necessarily score you any extra marks.

We use this approach in every tender that we complete and it is highly successful. The easier it is to read and understand the content the greater chance you have of success. Imagine you work in the procurement department and you have already read 50 different responses to this question. By making this persons life easier you get through the initial sift regardless of weather you are the first tender to be marked or the 50th.


This approach is particularly successful within public sector procurement where there is a greater need for transparency- after all they are spending our money so lets hope it is spent responsibly with the most economically advantageous tender winning.

Thanks for reading and if you want to know more about bid writing and what we do just get in touch anytime.

Tim Ward

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Recruiting- Bid Writer

Recruiting- Bid Writer

Are you the one we are looking for???


We are recruiting a Bid Writer you can be new to the profession with the skills required to be exceptional or an experienced professional.

You can be based anywhere in the UK. Must be able to work at least 2 days per week but ideally full time.

You must have a strong understanding of Business– how a company is put together and the functions that make it run smoothly.

You must be a skilled writer with the ability to clearly and concisely put forward a point. Importantly we are looking for someone who is:

  • Customer focused
  • Hard working
  • Keen to continue developing professionally
  • Excited by the prospect of facing new challenges
  • Optimistic
  • Proactive

The salary and number of working days/hours are negotiable, once we find the right person we can put together the right package to bring the right person on board. Please send me your CV or get in touch.

Here is a little more about our business to help you decide if we could be a match made in Bid Writing heaven…

We are a consultancy who work with organisations primarily across the UK and sometimes further afield. We support companies in their aspirations to secure contracts through a competitive tender process. We bid for contracts in a huge variety of sectors e.g. housing upgrade works, roofing, care, educations, training, justice, waste management and many many more. We bid for contracts ranging from £10,000 to £100s of millions- bidding primarily to Government departments and Local Authorities. We are not experts in every sector, we have a proven process that we work through to gather the required content to support our customers to produce exceptional bids. We are very good at what we do, we secured £1.5billion worth of contracts for our customers in 2014 alone and we have a market leading 94% bidding success rate. We have high standards and we are incredibly consistent in producing the best work that we can. We have a research function that both supports our bidding activity and undertakes customer commissioned research projects.

Feel free to have a look on our websites and


I am more than happy to talk with anyone who is interested in the role, please don’t be shy

give me a call 07877 700 701

or email


Thank you and I look forward to a flood of applicants!

Tim Ward

07877 700 701

Managing Director

Bid and Research Development


Work winning revolution heading to South Korea.

Work winning revolution heading to South Korea.

You may be aware that Bid and Research have recently formed “The Bid Revolution LLP” an alliance with a group of exceptional Work Winning consultants offering an enhanced end to end business development solution to our customers with new capabilities including Capture Management, enhanced bid writing capacity and dedicated professional Procurement consultancy. Things are going great…


The Bid Revolution (TBR), a UK based work winning consultancy have been invited by the South Korean government to advise Korean companies on accessing international business opportunities. TBR will be in Seoul in September presenting to around 20 aspiring South Korean organisations. They will be advising them how to enter international markets with a particular focus upon the UK. As experts in their field, TBR will work with the most innovative companies to bring their product to new international markets.


Arsim Shillova MBA- TBR Partner and expert in Capture Management will be representing the company in Seoul:

“This is a great opportunity for TBR and for South Korean organisations. Korean companies are internationally known for their quality and innovation and we look forward to supporting their international trade aspirations”


Tim Ward TBR Partner and expert in Tender and Bid Writing:

“We are delighted to have been identified as one of the world’s leading work winning consultancies. We supported our clients to secure over £5billion worth of new work in 2014 and we hope to add to that in 2015.”


Why not learn a little more about The Bid Revolution


Contact: Tim Ward – Partner, Bid Services Director

Phone: +44 7877 700 701



Contact: Arsim Shillova – Partner, Work Winning Director

Phone: +44 7726 956599