Join our Facebook Community

Join our Facebook Community

Hello everyone! We have created a Facebook Community.

This is a group where we hope to build an online community supporting people with all things bid and tender related. This is not a place to sell your wears, it is merely a place to ask questions and learn from one another. This group is for those aspiring to write better bids and we have a number of other bid writers in the group- even those from competing organisations (just to prove we aren’t there to sell to you).


So far we have shared links to free bid training events, links to opportunities, we did a live video to demonstrate how to use a postal and whole lot more.

Faceboo Community

Please feel free to request to join our facebook community, the more the merrier as they say!

If you would like to learn more just get in touch here.

Thanks for reading and hope you join us soon.


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Facebook Community