How to write a successful bid

How to write a successful bid

For an organisation or individual with no previous experience in tender writing, the first course of action when the perfect opportunity arises may be a Google search on how to write a successful bid. Unfortunately, the internet is overloaded with poor or irrelevant information which will usually result in a poor-quality bid which has used a weak template and fixates on things the tenderer hasn’t asked for. There is no one-size-fits-all solution which can be applied to every opportunity. In the Health and Social Care sector it is equally important to ensure you tailor your approach to guarantee you address all aspects of the tender.

A Google search of “how to write a bid” brings up 122,000,000 results. This gives individuals with no previous experience enormous problems of filtering through content to separate misinformation from relevant, valuable information. One point which seems to be brought up consistently in “how to write a bid” pages is that you should try to build professional relationships with the tenderer before you submit a bid. While this may not be appropriate in all cases, when the opportunity arises to engage with the contractor it should be taken.

For example, Croydon Council have tendered a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for suppliers to deliver Care and Support in the Home (lot 1), Active Lives and Day Opportunities (Lot 2) and Short-Term Outreach Support (Lot 3). For London-based providers, this opportunity will allow you access to a number of their partners including Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS Trust Croydon, Croydon HS and SLaM.

All organisations are also invited to attend optional workshops with the Council which provide a walkthrough on how the Selection Questionnaire should be completed. Even if this is not necessary, it is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the Council and build a relationship, which can ultimately prove to be a significant advantage in winning the tender.

These workshops will all be held at Croydon Conference Centre between the 16th and 17th December; more information is available by clicking here.

If you’re unsure about any aspect of this or other tenders, please contact our team of expert bid writers for support.