Failing to prepare, preparing to fail

Failing to prepare, preparing to fail

Its no simple task writing a winning tender submission, and a lot of work can be done well in advance of the release of a tender submission to ensure that you have ‘all of your ducks in a row’ and you are not scrabbling to create and collate evidence requested in the tender return.

So what can you do to help you prepare for writing a tender submission? We have created a quick checklist of items you can be busy bringing up to standard well in advance of the issuing of the ITT.

Policies and Procedures

Its not enough to simply have a policy in place these days; evaluators will actually open up these documents and read them! Not only do you need to ensure that are legislatively compliant but you need to make sure they reflect best practise and properly showcase your capabilities. Risk assessments and method statements are very important, as local authorities are naturally risk averse and will not want to award responsibility of delivering works or a service on their behalf if you cannot demonstrate you have proper systems in place for managing and mitigating risk.

Evidence Evidence Evidence

I know readers out there must be tired of me singing the importance of evidence when writing a winning tender submission, but it is so important you have it in your arsenal. It was once enough to win contracts on promises alone with nothing to back them up (apart from maybe a handshake on a golf course). With legislation paving the way from transparency in the procurement process the competitiveness when evaluating has reinforced the need to have evidence of capability and competency in place.

If we have two contractors promising the same service level, and one has: KPIs, examples and case studies of where they have delivered it before, with training certificates of staff who will be delivering the service; whereas the other simply promises the world with no cited proof of their ability to do so.. which one do you think the council will choose? Use your time to gather this evidence and have it ready to use throughout your tender return.

Research the authority and opportunity

Not enough is said about researching your potential client, and the opportunity that you wish to pursue. Local authorities have a wealth of information on their values, strategic aims and objectives which you can use to really flavour and tailor your tender return and make it unique to their needs. Clients like to feel special. So you make them feel so by doing your digging and reflect your findings in your quality response.

If you feel that the above is too much of a daunting task, do not be afraid! We are here to help you get yourself ready and we are also expert bid writers ready to take on the process of writing a high quality tender response using all of the above! Feel free to contact us today for a no obligation chat on how we can help you secure your next big public sector contract.