£2.5 Billion won in 2 years!

£2.5 Billion won in 2 years!

In October we reached our second Birthday, we have been waiting for a few bid results coming through from work undertaken last year. We are now delighted to share that since the company was established in October 2013 we have secured over £2.5 billion pounds worth of contracts for our customers.

£2.5 BILLION is a staggering amount of money for a team of 4 people to achieve. As our team continues to grow we will make sure this number continues to grow too.

We love winning and continue to refresh our skills to make sure that we can keep winning. Our formula and ethos that we established from day one is still relevant and highly effective and we continue to tweak this in line with changes to procurement rules and buyer expectations.

We have maintained our 94% bidding success rate which is unrivalled in the market place. We are hugely proud of this and place a real emphasis on quality assurance through internal review and governance to keep standards as high as possible.


Winning isn’t everything… unless your a bid writer


Thank you for reading- now lets go win the next £2.5 billion!

Tim Ward- Managing Director


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Feedback in procurement?!?

Feedback in procurement?!?

This month we welcome Owen Edwards to the team!

Owen brings significant bidding experience and has a great track record of producing high quality winning submissions. Here is Owens first blog post:

Winning a bid through a Local Authority procurement process is a rewarding experience for a company and can facilitate expansion of a business that can be hard to replicate through other methods of acquiring work or contracts.

But what happens if a bid is unsuccessful?


Due to recent changes to procurement procedures contracting authorities must now provide explanations and reasoning for tender outcomes. This change is due to a recent case brought against Denbighshire Council in North Wales relating to the lack of meaningful information given to unsuccessful applicants.

This now means that, should your bid be unsuccessful, the contracting authority must now give feedback relating to performance and areas that require improvement or further explanation. Most will give this feedback as part of a contract award notification, however, this is not mandatory and you may have to chase through the specified portal or contact point to receive this valuable information.

Using this you can see where you have scored highly against the winning contractor and the areas that you will need to refine for your next bid!

If you require any assistance or guidance with your companies bidding process, Bid and Research Development will be more than happy to assist. We have a market leading 94% success rate for PQQ and Tender Submissions and have won over £2.5billion in contracts for our customers over the last 2 years. Please feel free to contact us on the number or email address listed below if you would like to discuss your next bidding opportunity

Good luck and happy bidding!

Owen Edwards

Bid Writer

Bid and Research Development


07877 700 701



Feedback Matters

Feedback Matters

This week Dan Hall contributes a great blog to help you make the most of tender feedback.

Many SMEs often have one go at bidding and are put off for life. Bidding for a contract is easy when you know how and the joy of a successful tender truly is fantastic.

So have you failed before? Many SMEs competing against more renowned established and larger competitors can often lose hope quickly. What’s important to recognise is that no matter how much time and resource you have invested in putting this bid together, there will soon be another opportunity. Even if it is 3 years down the line, this same bid may be back up for tender. There are ways and tricks that can set you apart from the competition, you can position yourself so that you are just as good as the larger companies, if not better! The contract can be YOURS next time!

Or… Perhaps you are winning? you can always do better (unless you score 100%) don’t be complacent or perhaps you won’t win next time.

So take the positives, take constructive criticism and prepare for next time. Plan to not only achieve all requirements for the next bid, but to exceed them.

In our last blog we discussed real positive changes made across the industry which sees procurement departments required to provide in depth useful feedback. So act quickly, gather the feedback and plan for future success- don’t leave it too long or it will slowly drift down your list of priorities and before you know it the next opportunity will be upon you.

Begin by breaking down the response sections and making categorised lists of improvement areas. This makes it easier to identify improvement activity. For example- when explaining how you will deliver a service- is the description clear enough? Did you evidence doing it successfully in the past? Does the description reflect the delivered reality? Accreditations are a great way of evidencing quality and alignment with industry standards. Do you have suitable accreditations and did you make reference to these in your submission?

These are just a few questions on what could be a long list of improvement areas, which will not only improve your next response, but improve your organisation as a whole. Make sure everything is covered. It’s extremely important to assess all of this information and constructively put in place the improvements suggested, after all these are the reasons you didn’t win the work and could be the reasons to why you don’t win future work and maybe not just in a tender process!

If you require any assistance or guidance with your companies bidding process, Bid and Research Development will be more than happy to assist. We have a market leading 94% bidding success rate and we have won over £2.5billion in contracts for our customers over the last 2 years. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss or identify your next bidding opportunity.

Good luck and happy bidding!

Dan Hall

Bid Writer

Bid & Research Development Team

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HINT/TIP: As the favourite saying goes, ‘when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me’. This is usually the case with unsuccessful tenders, due to the assumptions companies tend to make about their evaluator’s knowledge. Remember that every bid should be written so clear that a person off the street will understand who are you, what you do and how you do it. Do not use jargon or company related terminology as the marker will undoubtedly be clueless to your language. If they knew everything about your industry, wouldn’t they just do the job themselves?

It’s the winning… not the taking part

It’s the winning… not the taking part

We are regularly told that winning isn’t everything, which is true in many cases but not in bidding.

We are a winning based business, everything we do revolves around winning. There is no fun in taking part unless you win!

So we are delighted that we have had a win of our own recently.

Back in February we were shocked and delighted to pick up an award for “Best Service Provider” at the Best New Business Awards. We played it cool and we were genuinely happy just to be shortlisted alongside great companies such as our friends over at Ithica Films (winners in the digital category)- but winning it suddenly made it very important and we rode the wave of success for a short while along with some other great companies from across the Tees Valley.

Taken:  Monday 23rd Feb 2016   Best New Business Awards Tees Valley 2015. Byline: Dave Charnley Photography info@davecharnleyphotography.com  Mobile: 07753 559235

This week we attended the Hartlepool Business Awards hosted by local legend Jeff Stelling- Hartlepool United super fan and Sky Sports Soccer Saturday presenter. We were shortlisted in three categories:

“Most Promising New Business, Best Small Business and Best Service Provider”

We didn’t win but it was great to be alongside some great established companies such as JDR Cables, Hart Biologicals, our favourite place to eat Chilli Cake Deli and exciting new businesses such as Wallchimp.

But overall this is one occasion where the taking part has truly been an honour, to sit alongside leading local and national organisations celebrating both our successes and our future opportunities.

Tim Ward

Managing Director of “Award Winning” Bid and Research Development